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In Switzerland, the Air-Gomm Förderband und Förderanlage, as established by Erkan A.Kerim. Since 1977, the air-Form Conveyor Belt Co.Ltd Turkey. with the name of sister company, the conveyor belt conveyor belt vermektedir.Özellikle service sector itself has taken the first step in the formation and development of the service sector contributed a lot to his saglamıştır.Aır-form maximum benefit from the work of a very valuable experience and R & D opportunities sağlamaktayız.Bu his gratitude and would like to express gratitude that we owe.
On conveyor belts from abroad, transfer of technology, a lot of innovation and industry has been a pioneer.
Turkey is one of the companies that lead the industry in making a professional.
Heavy and light industry, providing customized solutions for customers that are committed to working principle of our company. growth and development of the industry continues to progress in targeting.
Since 2004, a well-established firm in the field of Minet / France is distübitörlüğünü company.
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